July 14, 2017
Business Gatherings: When You Can Write Off Meals on Your Taxes for Business

Writing Off Business Gatherings For Taxation Purposes:

It's no doubt that meals for business gatherings that include meals can become quite expensive for any company, especially a smaller-to-midsized company. Although sometimes it's important to note that there can be tax write-offs for certain business-related meal expenses. It's important to know which expenses are OK to write off, and which ones are not to keep your business in "good standing" with the IRS.

July 10, 2017
The Value of Using an S-Corp Structure

Something that every business owner has to do is decide what legal structure they want to incorporate their business with. Incorporating your business is an extremely important first step that ensures that your assets are protected, you receive tax breaks, and your business garners the legitimacy it deserves.

July 05, 2017
Taxes to Think About Before Selling Your Home and Their Implications

When thinking about selling a home, taxes are not usually the first thing most people think about. However, taxes are something to consider because they do play a role once you've sold your home. Therefore, it's best to spend some time learning about the tax implications that accompany the sale of your home. Otherwise, you could be in for a big surprise at tax time. And no one likes tax surprises, especially when it comes to the IRS!

June 28, 2017
C-Corp Tax Credit Program For The Arizona Tuition Connection

Arizona offers a large number of tax credits for C-Corporations. If a business has an insurance premium of state tax liability, they can assist children to obtain a quality education by making a tax credit donation. Understanding the tax credit program facts and the steps will make it easier to get started.

June 12, 2017
4 Little-Known Tax Breaks And Proposed Tax Changes for 2018 And Beyond-Edited Charitable Contribution Paragraph Two:)

There's just one thing I can't figure out. My income tax! -Nat King Cole.

Nat King Cole wasn't the only one who struggled with his income taxes. The federal tax code has grown from 400 pages at its inception in 1913 to more than 70,000 pages today. A National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) study in 2015 found that taxpayers spend more than $200 billion each year complying with the tax code. The amount is greater than the GDP of Pakistan, Portugal, or Ireland. The same study also found that more than 90% of taxpayers must rely on tax preparers or tax preparation software to comply with federal tax requirements.