3 Reasons Why A CPA Makes Sense For Small Businesses – Foster Financial

April 23, 2017
3 Reasons Why A CPA Makes Sense For Small Businesses – Foster Financial

There are often many challenges and headaches that come with running a small businesses, and finances are definitely one of them. Trying to keep tracking of expenses, costs and profits while also managing day-to-day operations. Having a CPA makes sense for a small business for many reasons, here are some of the reasons why:

1) A CPA is able to help you track key metrics

A CPA is invaluable for a small business because they are able to identify and track key trends based on your business and industry. This will help you establish key metrics to measure the growth of your business, and understand where the trends are and how to make your business more profitable.

2) Paying taxes becomes that much easier

Businesses, especially small ones, often struggle around tax time. It may seem easy to file, but there are nuances and ways to save when it comes tax time that a CPA will be able to help you with. Business taxes are often complicated, and it is very simple to make mistakes – costly ones at that. A CPA is key in helping you understand what expenses are tax-deductible, and what the best options are for your business.

3) Financial advice tailored to you

A CPA is able to give you tailored and sustainable financial and business advice, especially when looking at long-term business growth. A CPA will know your business inside and out, as well as the general market and will be a valuable resource for advice if you decide to grow your business. Understanding the financial implications of decisions such as expansion, or entering a new market are just some of the issues a CPA will be able to advise you on.

Hiring a CPA for a small business makes perfect sense, it helps your business grow and become more profitable while allowing owners to focus more on long-term growth as well as day-to-day management of a small business without being overwhelmed.