LLC or S-Corp meeting to decide
October 30, 2019
S Corp vs. LLC

Maybe you haven't officially declared yourself a business yet and are currently deciding between an S-Corp or an LLC. Here are a few differences to help you.

meeting to discuss S-Corporation
October 29, 2019
Maintaining an S-Corporation

Moving your business to an S-Corporation can ultimately provide you with many tax benefits. Here are a few basic things for proper S-corporation maintenance.

full-service accounting involves participant company's financial records
October 23, 2019
How Can Full Service Accounting Accommodate Your Business

Keeping track of business records can help gain insight into a company's finances. Learn more details about Foster Financial CPA's full-service accounting. 

Two business owners discussing equity of their LLC
October 15, 2019
How Equity Works in an LLC

Joining or creating a multimember LLC grants you the personal asset protection of a corporation with partnership. Learn more about how equity works in an LLC.

529 Savings Plans
October 04, 2019
529 Savings Plans

A college education is becoming increasingly required in the modern workforce, and this trend is expected to continue. Learn more about a 529 savings plan.