September 08, 2017
7 Tax Moves for Your 2017 Return – Foster Financial

2017 is rapidly approaching its end. You know what that means: it is almost tax time again. In order to prepare and get the most from your taxes, try using one of these seven moves.

August 25, 2017
Can Small Businesses Benefit From Charity Donations – Foster Financial

Charity donations by small businesses are the primary revenue for many local and national charities. Small businesses do not give millions, but their donations make a significant impact. It builds goodwill in communities. The donations build trust and strengthen the business position with the community. For instance, it increases employee morale and creates engagement beyond the business establishment.

August 18, 2017
Tax Dates you Need to Know as a Business Owner – Foster Financial

Life as a business owner can be challenging on a daily basis. There is always something more that you need to do. Thinking about your paperwork and taxes is often done last (or even forgotten). However, if you miss an important date when it comes to paying your taxes, you can get in a lot of trouble.

August 11, 2017
IRA Contribution Limits in 2017 – Foster Financial

Each year, retirement savers, accountants, wealth managers, investors and others eagerly await the government's ruling on the annual IRA tax deductible contribution limit. Well, the results are in and the IRS has published its annual 2016-62 memo that clarifies the numbers. Savers and professionals will use these numbers to make their monthly and annual allotments. They divert the funds into specific investment accounts that are especially vulnerable to tax consequences. Over time, the annual deductions can help rapidly grow investment savings and reduce tax fees.

August 04, 2017
What cash are you really making in your business? – Foster Financial

Company executives are often overwhelmed with their finances. They see the money coming in from clients and the money going out to vendors. They pay themselves out of the general account but don't have a true salary. There is still cash at the end of the year but a lot of bills to pay. For these small business owners, finding out what money the firm is really making is a worthy goal. It helps to pay taxes, get loans and build out a larger business. For that reason, more and more executives are getting accountants to help with this process.