August 08, 2020
How To Decrease Your Small Business Debt? A Step-By-Step Guide – Foster Financial

If you run a business & you have debt, rest assured that you aren’t alone. In a study, 36% of small business owners stated they were not comfortable with how much debt their organization carried. 49% stated they find it really hard to tackle their present debt.

bookkeeper reviewing the numbers
March 06, 2020
Why Every Small Business Needs a Bookkeeper?

Small business owners are no strangers to multitasking responsibilities. Learn more about how a bookkeeper can help you manage your business responsibilities.

small bussiness owner reviewing taxes looking for tax credits
March 02, 2020
Tax Credits That Could Benefit Small Businesses

Which tax credits can your business claim? Help your bottom line by finding out which tax credits your business is eligible for this season. Learn more here.

business tax extension
February 25, 2020
Why You Should, and Shouldn’t, Apply for a Tax Extension

With so many business tax factors, it can be tempting to apply for a tax extension. Before you do, look at both the pros and the cons of filing for one.

flow-through entity allows this small business owner to only pay one form of taxes
February 24, 2020
What Is a Flow-Through Entity?

A flow-through entity is a legal business where income flows through to owners or investors. Learn if your corporation benefits from a flow-through entity.