How to Grow Your Small Business

September 19, 2019
How to Grow Your Small Business
small business owner standing in front of her merchandise

No matter what line you’re in, you always have to be on your toes if you want to grow your small business. One of the crucial tasks that you should concern yourself with is retaining your existing customers and bringing in new ones.


Bringing Them In


The following are several of the methods people use – in addition to regular advertising – to attract new clients:


In our current environment, one of the most efficient ways of reeling in new business is maintaining a social media presence. It’s free, and if you put out useful information to potential clients, people will want to use you.


Ask friends, family, and acquaintances to send referrals your way. They should send you business without you having to ask, but people don’t always think of you when they hear of someone who could use your services. If you let them know you’re hungry for business, they’ll think of you more when there’s an opportunity.


Go to trade shows and networking events. If you’re out there and people know you, they’ll want to do business with you. Hand out your business card to as many people as you can. Not everyone will remember you, but some people will bite.


Volunteer your time or get involved in your community. When people see that you’re a person who cares, they’ll appreciate you and want to use your services. It’s a great way to brand yourself in a non-business environment, and you’ll also feel fulfilled because you’ll be helping people.

Retaining Your Customers


You’ve worked hard to bring in clients or customers. Work even harder to hold on to them! It doesn’t take rocket science. Once you know what you’re doing professionally, make sure to:


Treat your customers well. You and your employees should respond to their calls, answer their questions, and serve them with a smile.


Ask for feedback. Make sure that your customers understand that you appreciate criticism as much as a compliment. If they feel you’re sincere, you’ll get a heads up from them if they have a problem.


Get personal with your customers. Ask them how they’re doing, about their personal life, the spouse, the children, etc., Don’t let the relationship only be about business.


Learn More About Growing Your Small Business


You have what it takes to make your business succeed. If you take the time to attract new customers and you take care of them, your business will continue to grow successfully.


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