How Can Full Service Accounting Accommodate Your Business

October 23, 2019
How Can Full Service Accounting Accommodate Your Business
full-service accounting involves participant company's financial records

Throughout your career as a business professional, you’ll discover how maintaining your records is important. The IRS, investors, and potential buyers want to know about your current and/or past financial records. Many businesses believe they can save a few receipts or document their travel expenses to account for this. However, keeping track of your business records can help business owners gain insight into the success or failure of their company. Learn more details about Foster Financial CPA’s full-service accounting and how it can help your business.


What to Expect From Foster Financial CPA


Many of our clients know Foster Financial CPA for successfully reconciling their bank accounts, providing a profit/loss balance sheet, and monthly trend information about their business. However, we would like to introduce our full accounting services and what it means to your business.


The Difference Between AP & AR Accounting Services?


Accounts Payable (AP)


Accounts payable is the company records of what you owe suppliers or vendors for goods and services. It’s also the services you get on credit. Foster Financial can help you track your incoming invoices, ensure prompt payment, and eliminate duplicate payments.


Accounts Receivable (AR)


Your account receivable records act as your current asset account and documents the money you have a right to collect from customers that get good and services from your business. Foster Financial CPA can help you track your outgoing invoices, follow up with customers to ensure payment is received, and ensure that the payment is properly allocated when it is received.


Learn More About Our Full-Service Accounting


Foster Financial CPA provides full-service accounting including AR and AP. Customers can expect superior bookkeeping services that include your entire financial and accounting operations. We instruct small and well-established businesses on financial responsibility.


We understand your personal and business needs while giving you peace of mind about your company. Indeed, our goal is helping our clients reduce costs and reach their business goals. We’re your certified public accountant for professionals that want to solidify their ROI. You’re invited to contact us at Foster Financial CPA for more details today!