Managing Workplace Transition: Tips for Supporting Employees

June 21, 2022
Managing Workplace Transition: Tips for Supporting Employees

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In a growing organization, nothing stays the same for years. Research shows that an average business undergoes about five major changes within three years. These developments include hiring or promoting an employee, switching projects, as well as downsizing or merging the company. Unfortunately, most changes happen without consulting the employees. For this reason, the workplace transition can affect their performance if they cannot adapt.


Here are three ways to leverage change in your company without bringing out the worst in your employees. 


3 Tips to Effectively Manage Workplace Transition


Explain the Need for Change 


More often than not, workers may fail to see the need for it. Remember, they are not part of the committee that decides to come up with the change. With an attitude that the shift is unnecessary, it is almost impossible to raise their momentum. 

Therefore, empower your staff by explaining the reasons for the decision. Discuss the pros, cons, as well as possible roadblocks. Let them understand the benefits of the new project and the goals you hope to achieve. 


Train Them and Reward Acceptance 


Employees may also resist change if they fear they lack the necessary skills. Consequently, have self-evaluations and quick assessment sessions to know the areas requiring the most training. Hold meetings where you discuss ways through which they would love to improve the workplace transition process. For motivation, identify early adopters and reward them. It will help others put more effort, simplifying the adaptation process. 


Appreciate the Old 


When bringing a change, note that a few employees have put their hearts and minds into some of the things you are doing away with. Dismissing the old that they had worked hard on will be a slap in the face. Therefore, celebrate the success of the work done in the old system and show them that you recognize their effort. If it connects to the new project, mention it to prove their work was not in vain. 


Support Your Employees to Walk Through Change


The truth is that change is inevitable and mainly meant to keep businesses competitive. Unfortunately, if handled poorly, it becomes a double-edged sword that leads to the demise of your firm. Get in touch with us at Foster Financial CPA today for financial management assistance when managing workplace transition.