Why You Should Let CPA’s Do Your Bookkeeping (And Not Do Everything Yourself) – Foster Financial

April 26, 2017
Why You Should Let CPA’s Do Your Bookkeeping (And Not Do Everything Yourself) – Foster Financial

When you start your own business, it’s understandable that you want to save money by doing your own books. However, as your business grows, you realize that the accounting is getting more complicated. You may not know where to go from there. Throw the IRS into the equation, and you realize you may need outside help. By hiring a CPA, you will get much more than someone who just does your books.

A CPA Can Save You Money

Most businesses do not realize the amount of money that a CPA can save them. The cost of hiring a CPA will pay for itself over the course of the business relationship. Not only will your books be done correctly in case of an audit, a CPA will make sure that you won’t pay a dime more on taxes than you should. By not knowing which things can be expensed, or by calculating depreciation incorrectly, businesses can lose money. As a certified accounting professional, a CPA will take out the guesswork, and ensure you are not losing money with bookkeeping errors.

A CPA Can Help You with Planning

Can you really afford that new employee? Is this product making you money? Will your cash flow be positive when business slows down? A CPA can analyze the numbers in your books and give you the information you need for these scenarios. The last thing you want is to invest more money into a failing product line, or find out that you need a line of credit at the very last minute.

A CPA IS a Trusted Advisor for Your Business

More than just doing the books, a CPA will help you make sense of your financial statements. Accounting software may make it easy to generate balance sheets and income statements. However, if you don’t know exactly why your financial statements changed over a period of time, you won’t be able to make the best decisions for your business. A CPA can summarize your statements and give you the knowledge that you need in order to grow your business.

Accounting is the language of business. Many business owners don’t realize how essential it really is until they are having cash flow issues or are facing problems with the IRS. Stay ahead of financial worries and see how a CPA can help with your bookkeeping.