March 09, 2018
What You Should Know to Write Off Education Expenses

The IRS defines "qualified education expenses" as "amounts paid for tuition, fees and other related expenses for an eligible student.

March 07, 2018
Should you File Taxes Now or File an Extension?

It's tax season again and you're facing the same question you face every year: should you file your taxes now or file an extension? A common misunderstanding about tax return extensions is that it will give you longer to pay what you owe - this is not true; filing an extension simply gives you more time to file, not more time to pay.

March 07, 2018
How to Make Estimated Tax Payments

Our federal income tax system is a pay-as-you-go deal. The "pay" part is through the monthly voluntary withholding amount we authorize our employer to take out and pay for us.

January 25, 2018
3 Reasons Why Every Company Needs A CFO

The reasons every company needs a Chief Financial Officer are many and complex. But they boil down to this: No matter what business you're in, your business involves money.

January 18, 2018
Power of Cash Flow for Business

While many companies are focused on net profits, cash flow is actually a much more important figure for business owners most of the time. While the profit may be used to determine the valuation or the taxes, cash flow is the real money that can be used to pay expenses, payroll, bonuses and make investments.