July 20, 2018
Employees- Do you know how much they really cost?

July 20, 2018
The Solo 401(k): a Popular Choice for Small Business Owners

July 07, 2018
3 Reasons Why Excel For Accounting Doesn’t Equal Success

Excel is one of those products that is often misunderstood, and misused. Although it is great for quick equations, reports and other uses, many tend to use it as a one-stop accountant. However, this tends to quickly go awry - one wrong keystroke could lead to many, many errors. Unfortunately, Excel for accounting doesn't equal success - here are three reasons why.

June 22, 2018
Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

June 22, 2018
More to Lose, More to Gain: Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

Being your own boss is about as American as apple pie

You can make your own hours, hire and fire at will, and even exercise sole executive authority in deciding whether to re-invest annual profits or splurge on a well-deserved upgrade to the office coffee maker. You should be proud to embody the tough, true-blue, oh-so-American entrepreneurial spirit!